RDS Phone Systems.

Harness the power of the internet to enjoy the fastest, most flexible,
and feature-rich telephone system that your modern business needs.

Managed VOIP Phone Systems.

When you choose an RDS hosted phone system you get the telephony-trifecta: (1) a modern, feature-rich phone system with (2) reliable RDS support at an (3) affordable and manageable monthly cost.

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Key Features.


Hunt Groups.

A Hunt Group refers to a group of extensions that are organised to process specific calls. Your phone system is programmed to “hunt” for the next available agent within a specified extension group, such as sales or support.


PC Soft Client.

A program that installs and runs from your computer. This enables you to make calls without requiring a physical phone system. Therefore your phone system is mobile, available wherever you are, and future-proof.


Mobile App.

Mobile VOIP enables you to make and receive calls using your smartphone’s 4G/5G and WiFi connectivity. Add greater functionality to your team’s out-of-office communication and access an array of other business benefits.



Access an array of call reporting features to improve business communications performance. Reporting features include missed call analysis, call handling analysis, live KPI reports, live analysis dashboards, and more.


Teams Integration.

With Teams integration you can use Microsoft Teams exactly like you use your regular phone system. You can do this from any device running the Teams app, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Call Centre Agent.

Modernise your call centre, taking advantage of the benefits of technology, including reduced business costs due to agents being able to work remotely, live support ticketing and data analysis, and more.

Business Benefits.


Feature Rich.

VOIP’s software-based nature enables full customisation of functionality and appearance.



A pay-per-month hosted telephony system requires no upfront capital expenditure.


Safe & Secure.

With the right measures in place, hosted telephony is more secure than traditional phone systems.


Remote Support & Backup.

Remote support and 24/7 backups ensure 99.99% uptime for your hosted telephony system.


Robust & Reliable.

Unlike traditional systems, hosted telephony isn’t as susceptible to natural disasters or human error.


Higher Call Quality.

By using internet connectivity, VoIP phone systems are low-latency, providing crisp audio quality.



Hosted telephony is easy to scale up, scale down, readjust, and relocate; and access on-the-go.


Quick & Easy Setup.

Are you ready for the big BT switch off?


In 2015, BT announced that it will be switching off the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) by 2025 (but it’s happening sooner!). Basically, this means that BT is switching off the old analogue phone network… very soon.

As broadband services have increased in reliability and quality, telephony infrastructure has evolved to support an almost completely digital network using digital technology. This means that traditional fixed lines and calls (and phone systems) will cease to exist.