RDS Connectivity.

Every modern business needs fast internet connectivity. Unfortunately, the choice isn’t as simple as “fast or slow”. The type of connectivity required by (and available to) your business will depend on operational need, budget, and geographic availability.

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Find The Right Connection.


Leased Line.

An exclusive full-fibre connection to your business that no-one else can use. Fastest option.



Fibre-to-the-Premises from the local exchange. Faster than ADSL, slower than Leased Line.

Lightning-fast CityFibre coming soon! Gigabit speeds.



The basic and most common type of broadband delivered by copper wire. Slowly being phased out.


4G / 5G.

Fast and flexible mobile broadband (mostly) for businesses in rural areas.

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What’s the difference?

Leased Lines.


A leased-line is a dedicated broadband connection that is all yours; no-one else can use it, not even your neighbours.


It’s Exclusive.

Unlike normal broadband, which is shared among your geographic area, leased lines provide dedicated internet access just for you and your network. This exclusivity ensures consistent and reliable connectivity all day, every day.


It’s Fast.

A dedicated leased line boosts bandwidth and reduces bottlenecks, resulting in ultr-fast internet speed. This includes symmetric upload and download speeds, meaning fast speeds for uploading/downloading files, using cloud applications, and high-quality VOIP calls etc.


It’s Reliable.

A unique fibre-optic connection is “leased” directly to your premises, meaning traditional reliability issues that affect the broadband network will not affect your line. You’ll also benefit from low jitter and low latency for increased audio/visual/loading reliability.

CityFibre - lightning fast internet, coming soon!


CityFibre brings full-fibre connectivity right into your premises. The CityFibre network removes the use of copper cabling, meaning the full-fibre alternative FTTP network can easily run at gigabit speeds - up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps) and beyond. It’s launching very soon in Derby and Nottingham, and RDS can get your business prepared now for the fastest internet ever!



Currently, with FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet), data runs at lightning speed through fibre cables until it reaches the street cabinet. Here it changes into slow electrical signals passing across a copper cable into your premise. This makes speeds inconsistent, prone to dropping out at peak times, and limited to a maximum of 80Mbps.



Our CityFibre service provides a highly cost-effective full fibre connection that balances exceptionally high speed with price while retaining critical reliability. It guarantees a speed of 200Mbps for both uploading and downloading data and provides an ever-present capability to burst to up to 1Gbps, which is over 12 times faster than FTTC.


Traditional FTTP / FTTC.


For those businesses that need fast broadband, but not ultra-fast. We recommend this option for the more budget-conscious business.

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In an FTTP network, fibre-optic cables carry data all the way to your premises, providing a speedy, high-capacity service. Replacing copper cables from the “last mile” removes the bandwidth bottleneck.

Download and Upload available speeds: 300/50Mbps

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In an FTTC network, fibre-optic cables carry data to the street-level cabinet where slower, copper cables then take over and carry the data to your premises.

Download and Upload available speeds: 80/20Mbps
FTTC SOGEA enables broadband connectivity without a phone line.

Don’t Forget Security.

While you and your colleagues are busy at work, unfortunately, there are people out there who are trying to penetrate your network and access your (customer’s) private data. Protect your superfast network with RDS Cyber Security.



A firewall is a shield between an internal network (i.e. your computer) and an external network (i.e. the internet). A firewall monitors incoming and outgoing data across your network, deciding what to let in or out based on a set of customisable rules.



A Virtual Private Network provides privacy, anonymity, and security to its users by creating a private connection across a public internet connection. The encrypted network enables users to connect to the internet and share data in a more secure fashion.



Our remote monitoring and management service keeps a close eye over your network security protections, including firewalls and VPN. This means that threats and vulnerabilities are quickly detected and resolved to ensure comprehensive network security.

Do you know what goes well with fast internet?
A feature-rich VOIP phone system. This way.